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About me

Welcome to my website.

I am a British-Mauritian historian working on modern British history, currently a doctoral student at Birkbeck College, University of London. My research is funded by the Bonnart Trust.


My work focuses on reappraising the history of immigration and ethnicity in post-war Britain and how it interacted with local and national government. This also entails wider political debates around multiculturalism. My work seeks to centre the afterlife of Empire in Modern British history. My broader research interests include post-colonialism, trans-nationalism, and intersections between race, class and gender. This has led me to write about black feminist groups in Britain, the South Asian diaspora, and mental health among Afro-Caribbean migrants in Britain. My writings to date have focused on the lived experiences of people of colour in Britain.

I have presented my work at conferences hosted by University College London and Birkbeck. Alongside this, I have written for History Workshop Online and Le Mauricien, a national bilingual newspaper in Mauritius.

Prior to beginning my PhD at Birkbeck, I was an undergraduate at Christ Church, University of Oxford. 

Twitter: @hisnameissatya

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